Our Story


A tale of two, the story of you.

Hungry Hearts Co was founded and is fed daily by two outrages individuals - a passionate duo creatively diverse in skills and uniquely similar in character.

A young, frisky couple’a Newcastle locals - Lauren, a Registered Marriage Celebrant and Rhys, a Wedding Photographer - are bound by brain and believe in getting creative. In short, our primary focus is helping make your big day, a little extra fun.

Together, we're all about savouring the taste of every moment in the sweet little love affair we live in. Locking up the beating heart is a wild ride - and ours has brought us to weddings. We understand the ups and downs within relationships, but we like to focus on the magic that exists between them. Hungry Hearts Co aims to celebrate romance, inspire intimacy and create an appreciation for the unique and wonderful story that is YOU.

We want to bring the wedding culture back to it's bones - the initial spark, the adventures you've been on and the life long commitment you're entering into. Regardless of what love looks like for you - we’re here to make sure you feel it on the big day. While identifying how and why your soul is sizzling, we'll aim to inspire your thoughts, express your feelings and heighten your emotions with memories you can drool over forever. Through a collaborative process, we’ll ensure you’re both comfortable, confident and candid - baby!

With love,

Lauren and Rhys x